Do You Really Need To Lose Weight?

Do you really need to lose weight to feel better about yourself?

There is a huge amount of pressure placed on women and men when it comes to weight loss. Society seems to equate the worth of a person by how they look, not necessarily by the type of person they are. Instagram models can gets millions of views (or “likes”) for posting a skimpy photograph of themselves in bed. A bikini shot on the beach, usually of a gorgeous young lady, still makes many people to want to look and be like the model in the photo.

But are these photographic role models really as healthy as they look? Maybe sometimes, but there are plenty of other photographs of top models smoking cigarettes. Not healthy at all. There are lots of stories about very slim and attractive actresses having eating disorders, or turning to drugs. Even very sender, super attractive people are often “trolled” on the Internet if a bit of a blemish is shown on their photos, or if they show the smallest amount of cellulite. Why do we expect perfection when we know doesn’t exist?

There are lots of stories of male bodybuilders dying of heart attacks in their 40’s, or even younger. This is often linked to steroid abuse. They may have looked strong and powerful on the outside, but on the inside they might have been falling apart.

Even the best looking people you see in magazines usually don’t look as good as themselves in real life! Expert make up, lighting, top photographers and then computer touching up can make almost anybody look good. Life, and your good health, should last a very long time. Looking good is important, but actually being healthy is far more important.

Not being too overweight is a healthy thing. Let’s not pretend otherwise. Healthy joints, lower fat deposits and a good diet are an established way towards a longer life. However, you don’t need to have a 6 pack of stomach muscles, or look like a Victoria’s Secret model (who you may, or not be healthier than anyway!).

Eating good clean healthy food, lots of fruit and vegetables, and cutting down on processed meats are positive. Eating lots of processed fats (yes, we mean you KFC), poor quality meats, and drinking too much alcohol is not good. Drinking lots of water is good, and calorie free. Drinking lots of kool aid, normal sugary soda’s and any drink including added sugar is bad. This is not rocket science, but millions of people continue to drink Coca Cola and Pepsi (full sugar, not the diet versions). Therefore millions of calories are being taken in on a daily basis, which does not help weight loss or maintenance one bit.

Is it worth taking pills that might make you sick, just to drop a couple of pounds?

Even though this website is dedicated to finding the best diet pill (or at least the best safe diet pill that won’t give you negative effects), don’t be fooled into buying any weight loss product if you don’t actually need it. If you are not overweight, don’t try and force a few more pounds out of your system just because of societal pressure.

Check the BMI calculator on the right hand side of this post, and see if your weight is in the region of what is should be for a person of your height. If you are somewhere close, then great.

If you are quite overweight, then please remember this does not make you any less of a person, or any less valuable to society. If you want to get a little healthier, and perhaps have a better quality of life as you grow older, then being at a good healthy body weight is something to aim towards. However this must be part of an overall lifestyle.

Taking unhealthy weight loss pills just to look good on the outside (but feeling bad on the inside), is just crazy. Don’t do it!

If you can lose weight naturally, with a different lifestyle, new diet and plenty of exercise, then great. If you are struggling to lose weight (and many people do), then by all means get a helping hand. Diet pills can kickstart things, but don’t rely on them forever. The right weight loss pill, combined with a healthier lifestyle could have really positive benefits.

However, you don’t need to look like a magazine model to be an amazing person. Whatever anybody else says to the contrary, don’t buy it. Being healthy is good, but be honest and seriously ask yourself if you really do need to lose weight?

Or, are you already healthy and happy? If so, then don’t spend a load of time, money and effort trying to lose a couple of pounds when you don’t really need to.

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