“Don’t Buy” List – Diet Pills To Avoid!

There are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of weight loss pills on the market, with many diet pills to avoid. We do not like expensive pills that don’t work, and we do not like weight loss products with bad side effects, or widespread negative customer feedback. If a supplier can’t be trusted with your credit card details we’ll avoid them too.

Here are a list of 2017 products that we currently DO NOT recommend:

Alli – Lots of people are finding success with Alli, and it is marketed very well. However, what the advertising doesn’t tell you is that many people who take Alli complain of stomach or bowel problems. It can also cause flatulence, which is pretty embarassing at the best of times. There is a good amount of evidence to success that Alli works well for a substantial number of people. However, we prefer our diet pills to be natural, with little or no noticable side effects.Check out our #1 Recommended Diet Pill PhenQ, as well as the excellent Proactol XS, for a way better, guaranteed and safer, alternative.
Ephedrine – also known as Phed – based products (Vaspro Extreme, Ripped Fuel, Zantrex 3 etc).These diets pills will help you to lose weight. However, Ephedrine can also damage the lining of your arteries,  which in turn can lead to strokes. Don’t be tempted to buy. 

Poor Phentermine Substitutes. There are lots of cheap Phen copies around such as Phen37.5 & Xeni Slim Extreme). There are usually a fraction of the cost of the official Phen375. However, there is a reason for this. Substandard ingredients can mean bad side effects, as well as fluctuating weight loss properties. The main problem is that most people find they simply do not work – and there is little in the way of money back guarantee. Official Phen375 is tested to FDA standards, and has excellent customer feedback, as well as a 45 day money back guarantee.

African Mango Products – These weight loss pills are very popular on sites such as Amazon. However, most people who take it notice absolutely no changes whatsoever. Plus, some takers complain of headaches (might be something to do with the high caffine levels..). Not recommended by us.

Extreme Acai Berry – Now this is not to say that there are some some very good, and inexpensive Acai Berry products out there, but you should avoid any “special”, “extreme” or any other “amazing” acai berry product that charges top dollar. You can get absolutely top class Acai Berry deals at a fraction of the price of some inferior products. Extreme Acai Berry is one such supplier you should avoid like the plague. Expensive product, crappy company who are likely to overcharge you – these are diet pills you should avoid.

Remember that Acai Berry is often more about detox than actually losing weight. It works great in conjunction with top quality products such as Official Phen375 or Proactol XS

Only buy Acai Berry Products with a money back guarantee, and a proven record of success. You can get some really good acai berry products, at a very competitive price, at the following link: Excellent Acai Berry Deal

If there are any other weight loss products that you have had a bad experience with then let us know – we would be happy to share this with our other readers. For excellent diet pills that do work, without any negative side effects, check out our best 3 diet pills that work fast comparison table.


  1. Eimear Jane

    My friend tried Alli and it worked for them, but when I tried it is made me feel a little sick – and yes, it does make you fart! I’ve had no problems at all though with Phen375, and I have lost almost 15 lbs in just under two months (with no embarrassing side effects!). Thanks for the information

    1. dietpillsthatworkfastx.com

      Thanks for this Eimear. We’re glad to hear that your weight loss program is going so well. Keep up the good work!

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